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Perrin and Rowe

Perrin & Rowe fittings now have an international reputation for design and quality. But only 40 years ago Bob Perrin & Greg Rowe were working from a garden shed, now they're a well established luxury bathroom manufacturer.

Luxury on a new level Traditional Brassware
Modern functionality with classic aesthetics Exposed Showers
Bespoke finishes Luxury Stone
Fully custom options available Modern-Classic Hybrid

Quality with no equal.

All Perrin & Rowe products are designed and manufactured in Britain.

We are driven by engineering excellence. We use state of the art manufacturing technology to support our traditional methods and skills.

Our brassware is made from low lead brass of the highest quality available. The surface is plated to a thickness that exceeds industry standards, ensuring a deep, protective coating that is resistant to wear and pleasing to the eye.

We assemble our brassware by hand, and individually water-test each one.

Our handles and spouts include bearing rings and engineering ‘O’ seals to ensure maximum durability. Perrin & Rowe brassware has a ‘wobble free feel’.

Our ceramic disc valves are tested up to 500,000 cycles and supplied by the world’s leading ceramic cartridge manufacturer. On test, valves are repeatedly turned on and off with pressurised water to the equivalent of 25 years’ use in a domestic installation.

Perrin & Rowe specifically manufacture for different markets around the globe. No additional adapters or converters are required for installation.

Our aim is to offer the world’s finest range of kitchen and bathroom products.

Our Perrin and Rowe collection is waiting for you in our showroom.

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